TVRH 401k

Why save now?  A secure retirement won't just happen.  Take ownership of your savings strategy to help ensure you have the resources needed when the time comes. 


What is a 401k?

A 401(k) is a savings and investing plan that gives employees a tax break on money they set aside for retirement.  Employees contribute money to an individual account by signing up for automatic deductions from their paycheck. Employers also match this contribution up to a certain percentage.

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Who is eligible?

Employees are eligible to participate after:

-Reaching age 21

-Completing 6 months of employment

Eligible employees can enroll at the beginning of the quarter following their eligibility date, ie. Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st or October 1st.

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How do I enroll?

Enrollment is open for eligible employees at the start of every quarter, January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.  

Ask Jules for a 401k packet.  Inside you will find the all the information you need for enrollment.  You can enroll on the BB&T website or by calling the enrollment phone number:



Can I roll my sIRA?

If you choose, you may roll the funds from your TVRH sIRA into the your new 401k plan. To do so you will need to complete an IRA Distribution form from Charles Schwab, as well as the Rollover Form Part 2 in your 401k Plan Booklet.