From diabetes and seizure disorders, to organ dysfunction and cancer, our  internal  medicine department provides advanced, comprehensive veterinary   internal medicine service. With the use of state-of-the-art tools such as ultrasound and echocardiography, critical care monitors, endoscopy and colonoscopy and an extensive laboratory, our internal medicine team combines knowledge, skill, and technology to provide compassionate care for your pet.

A  veterinary internal medicine specialist is a veterinarian who completes a  residency program in internal medicine after a rigorous selection process and is board certified through examination by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM). The ACVIM is sanctioned and supported by the American Veterinary Medical  Association (AVMA).

The  residency program for an internal medicine specialist candidate includes training and supervision  by board certified specialists and focused classroom training.  Residents are trained in managing difficult or complicated medical cases, providing advanced diagnostic procedures and  tests, and interpreting test results in conjunction with a patient's clinical  signs.  

Residents who have completed the program are proficient in a variety of medical conditions including gastrointestinal  diseases, renal diseases, liver diseases, endocrine diseases, immune   mediated diseases, infectious diseases, cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, and oncologic diseases.  Some residents may choose to further specialize in areas such as neurology, cardiology, or oncology.

What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a procedure that allows us to insert a small camera through a passage way of the body, allowing us to look inside an organ. Learn more…

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Dr. Melissa Chrzanowski TVRH

Dr. Melissa Chrzanowski graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010.  Following graduation, she completed a one year small animal rotating internship at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, IL.  After her internship, she stayed on at the Veterinary Specialty Center and completed her internal medicine residency in 2014.  She is very excited to be a part of the TVRH team.