A little hair in your tea?

tvrh cat cafe

Did you know that there are cafes in Japan that you can visit where you pay to sip tea and pet cats??? They are called Cat cafes and they are extremely popular.

The first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998. In Japan the first cat café opened in 2004. Now there are over 30 different cat cafes in Japan. 

Some of the cafes cater to a certain type of cat like black cats or fat cats.  The popularity of these café’s is due to most apartments forbidding animals, people working long days and not having time for their own animals. People tend to get very lonely so they will head over the cat cafes for a little 4 legged interactions.

All cafes must obtain a license and comply with strict requirements under the Animal Treatment/Protection laws. The cat cafes adhere to strict guidelines regarding cleanliness and the treatment of their cats. They have rules like letting the cats approach you, no children, and not disturbing the cats while sleeping.

Coming soon near you?

tvrh cafe cat

Submitted by Beth Bardell