The purpose of the Outpatient Ultrasound Service is to provide the highest quality ultrasound examinations to patients in a timely, convenient and cost-effective manner.  Here are some of the guidelines regarding the Outpatient Ultrasound Service:

This service is for stable patients and recheck exams only. 


Examples include stable patients with conditions such as: liver or kidney enzyme elevations, recurrent urinary tract infections, pregnancy diagnosis/evaluation, re-evaluation of stable abdominal disease, etc.

This service is not intended for animals that are unstable, are likely to need sedation due to the pet's disposition; are likely to need care from the internal medicine, surgery, or emergency services; or if the need for biopsy/fine needle aspiration are considered likely. In these latter situations, the patient should be scheduled through the appropriate service instead.

Please make it clear to the owner and to us, which service the pet is to be referred (Outpatient Ultrasound only vs. Internal Medicine with an exam and workup).  Failure by the referring veterinarian to clearly indicate which service the referring veterinarian desires for the pet is the most common cause for client complaints. If in doubt, please send the pet through Internal Medicine or Emergency.

If, in the radiologist’s opinion, the patient arrives in an unstable condition or requiring diagnostics before the imaging procedure can be performed, the patient will be evaluated by the Emergency Service prior to the exam.  Additional fees will be incurred.



Before having the client call to schedule an exam, please call TVRH, submit an online referral form or fax a transfer form directly to TVRH (Fax: 919-213-6664).  The client can then schedule the exam directly with us.
Please fax or email any history, bloodwork, etc. as soon as possible, or send with the owner.  If pertinent radiographs are available, please send those also.  Emailed images are generally not of acceptable quality.
Patient should be fasted for at least 12 hours prior to the exam.  Water is okay.  If the patient's condition contraindicates fasting (such as insulinoma, diabetes mellitus, small breed puppies, etc.), please make the owner aware that they should ignore this instruction.
Every effort will be made to complete the exam at the scheduled time, but due to the possibility of emergency cases or other delays, the exam may not occur until later in the day after the scheduled time.
Most cases take approximately one hour.  Clients may wait or drop the patient off for the day.


Other information

Please make the owner aware that the pet will be shaved.  We will try to minimize the area, but it may be large depending on the condition and the conformation of the pet.

In most cases clients are not allowed to be present during the exam and the radiologist will not communicate with the pet owner.

The radiologist will attempt to contact the referring veterinarian by phone following exam.

If the referring veterinarian requests, we can consult with the owner regarding the ultrasound findings.  (Examples include a need for biopsy, a need for surgery or a need for an Internal Medicine consultation).  It is generally better to have the referring veterinarian communicate this directly to the owner, as owners often are nervous about their pets and may respond emotionally when we communicate in place of the referring veterinarian.  The trust and bond you have built with your clients and patients serves to lower the emotional energy and helps owners to understand why you are recommending a consultation with TVRH.

A written diagnostic imaging report will be sent to the referring veterinarian no later than one business day following the examination (in most cases this report is sent within minutes of completion of the exam).

Charges will be billed directly to client unless otherwise arranged.